Water Supply can be a big issue for Greens, as they do not necessarily have any access to the water mains etc. that other parks do. It may depend on what arrangements were made at the time of the creation of the Green. Many Greens have had mains supplies from creation, but others, such as New Southgate opted against it, quoting fear of the standing charge for water bills. Some Greens get by without regular supplies and others get their own water, either flowing in as streams etc. or from bores and wells.

Mains SupplyEdit

Natural Surface SupplyEdit

These include lakes and ponds, rivers and streams. So long as you don't need potable water these can be more than adequate.

Bores and WellsEdit

No Regular SupplyEdit

New Southgate rejected having any regular supply. They decided that as a small Green with no regular planned income it was best to do without a standing charge and they import water for occasional use when required. They have found that knocking on neighbour's doors and asking for a bucket of water is a useful, harmless way of engaging the nearest householders. This has resulted in very careful use of water, less than 200 litres a year are brought on site.

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