The Trust Deed is the document that each Millennium Green Trust is based around. The Countryside Commission created a basic trust deed document, which was adapted where neccesary to suit each trust. The following is a review of our Trust Deeds based on that of New Southgate's Deed. The numbering and section titles may be different in other deeds.

The deed begins with defining the meaning of key words, then goes on the define the Trust and its Objectives.

4. Powers Edit

This section not only states the powers of the Trust to do the job, but a lot about what they can and cannot do on the Greens, such as what they can and cannot build on the Green. The final section, 4.3 covers what happens if the land is to be disposed of.

5. Vesting Edit

This is about leaving the Title Deeds for land with the Charities Commission.

6. Appointment of Trustees Edit

Any rules and guidelines for choosing new Trustees.

7 Nominated Trustees Edit

This speaks of Trustees nominated by an organisation, which some Greens may have written into their deeds, or established by common practice.

8. Eligibility Edit

9. Determination of Trusteeship Edit

Ceasing to be a Trustee, such as being incapable of doing the job.

10. Vacancies Edit

11. Ordinary Meetings Edit

At least two ordinary meetings are required per year.

12. Calling Meetings Edit

13. Chair Edit

Special MeetingsEdit

Notice required for these etc.

Quorum Edit

percentage and numbers of trustees needed at meetings.

Voting Edit

Minutes Edit

Accounts Edit

Annual Report Edit

Annual Return Edit

Consultation Edit

Annual General Meeting Edit

This vital section involved the Greens with outside world. AGM's must be advertised and open to the public. They must invite comment etc. from the local Inhabitants.

General Power to Make RegulationsEdit

Specific Power to Make RegulationsEdit

Bank AccountEdit

Trustees not to be Personally InterestedEdit

Trustees cannot be paid or rewarded by the Trust.


The Trust must have Insurance.


What can and cannot be changed in the Trust Deeds.

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