Training Volunteers is something that we do without thinking, showing people what to do, but something we could do in a more formal and organised way, so that we can ensure everyone knows the key safe and secure ways to do things. It is also a way of improving the experience that we offer our volunteers.

This could/should involve the following:

Internal TrainingEdit

Even if your Green does not have any qualified people, use what experience you have and offer some kind of semi-formal training, so that people gain in confidence, the job gets done better and you can ensure that your volunteers are safe.

It could be part of your induction of all volunteers to ensure that you do at least a quick tick list of health & safety with them- where is there a first-aid? Who knows any first aid? Is there a public phone nearby?

Use of Power ToolsEdit

Such tools as Chainsaws are recognised as being very dangerous and if possible only people trained in their use should use them on our Greens. Failing formal training, trustees should ensure that volunteers read or have read to them the safety instructions, which should be kept available.

External TrainingEdit

If you can get qualified people to come to the Green or arrange for your team to go somewhere to be trained they will gain skills which will benefit the team and the Green. Contact Local Authorities, Libraries and on-line, to find out what may be available in your area.


It may well be possible to get some form of grants for training.

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