The Tree Council is a small national charity which promotes the planting, maintainance and protection of trees. Their tiny group of staff administer hundreds of voluntary Tree Wardens to assist with their task throughout the UK.

They are a useful source of information for Millennium Greens and they can support any tree planting or tree- related events on Greens. All such events can be registered on their national site and their National Tree Week in particular provides a national focus, with media support at that time in November-December.

National Tree WeekEdit

Greens can register their events for National Tree Week and download free posters too. New Southgate had a visit from national television as a result of registering their event one year.

Tree Wardens Edit

Greens can contact their nearest Tree Council Tree Warden for help and advice on trees, through the Tree Council Website

Sponsorship and GrantsEdit

Greens can find out about grants available for trees through the Tree council.

Supporting the Tree Council Edit

As a small charity, Greens who make much use of the Tree Council could consider joining or donating the Tree Council. Millennium Green volunteers who have an interest in trees can become a voluntary Tree Warden for their area through the Tree Council.

More info on TreesEdit


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