Orchard MM Green

Classic picture of the Orchard

The Orchard Millennium Green is in Buckfastleigh, Devon. The Green, otherwise known as Millman's Orchard is in the centre of Buckfastleigh.


At the eastern part of the centre of town, within a Conservation Area and Dartmoor National Park - bounded by Station Road and Dart Bridge Road, in Buckfastleigh Devon TQ11 0BZ. The Green is bounded by water on two sides- the Mardle on the North side and Dean Burn on the west.

History of the Green Edit

Millennium Feature Edit

Other FeaturesEdit

Nature & Wildlife Edit

We have a large selection of ducks.

The OrchardEdit

The Green consists largely of an orchard with a variety of trees.

Volunteers Edit

Grants and FundraisingEdit

Sales from the Afternoon Tea go towards upkeep of the Green.
Buck Coffee

Buckfastleigh's Coffee House- reusing the washed out Black Sign

Awards and RecognitionEdit

The Coffee shop was given a Food Hygiene rating of 5/5 for 2015.

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