The Gorse Millennium Green is in Wirral, Merseyside. It is otherwise known as Gorse Hill.
Gorse Hill

The Trust is called The Gorse, but the Green is labelled Gorse Hill?!


Gorsedale Road, New Brighton, Wallasey.

History of the Green Edit

The land was formerly owned by North West Water and was a natural habitant for wildlife since the building of the water tower. The Save The Gorse community group managed to secure funding which enabled them to purchase the land and Groundwork Wirral was enlisted to help draw up plans for a Millennium Green. The front of the site is now an open area with pathways and seats around a giant sundial with the surrounding planting representing the four seasons.

Millennium Feature Edit

Other Features Edit

New Brighton Water Tower

Dominating the area around the Gorse Millennium Green is New Brighton Water Tower, opened in February 1905. It has two covered reservoirs (the first one being opened in 1887), and had a combined capacity of over six million gallons. They were fed by local well water in Liscard and from Lake Vyrnwy in North Wales, operating until May 1941 when they were damaged by a high explosive bomb and not fully repaired until 1948.

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