Paths, Bridleways and Roads are an essential part in the design and function of our Millennium Greens. They assist and guide people in getting across the Greens and in getting round exploring them. All Greens would have had some kind of ways marked in their plans from the outset and good paths might be one of the most important additions to the land. All ways require some kind of maintenance and tarmac paths will need financial planning to fund their eventual replacement.

Paths Edit

Being mainly Green, more or less rural places most Greens have lots of paths and few have regular roads on them. The simpler paths, such as woodchip paths, tend to need less expensive but more regular maintenance, the more long lasting surfaces are usually more expensive.


The Daffodil Path to the Arena

Woodchips laid on fabric with turf cut out.

Woodchip may be available free if you can persuade a local tree surgeon to empty their chipper-hopper onto your Green. This is how New Southgate were able to make a whole new set of paths very cheaply. However, tree chippings have lots of leaves and tend to break down fairly quickly, becoming compost within a year and thinning down to the fabric over time. Used with a fabric underlay, they last for years with an annual pile of new chips.

New Southgate are experimenting with NOT removing the turf layer before laying the fabric, simply mowing very low and pinning fabric direct over the grass, which dies.

Bark ChipsEdit

Are similar to the above, but usually cost more and last longer.


These will make proper paths good for wheeling pushchairs and wheelchairs- therefore more Accessible. However, they are prone to cracking, sometimes within less than a year and tarmac cracks more than 10 MM wide may be considered a Liability. Tarmac Paths should last before full replacement for at least 15 years, depending on wear and conditions


Tracks and RoadsEdit

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