Orston Millennium Green is in the village of Orston, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

History of the Green Edit

       The  Orston Millennium Green was created as part of the many projects to mark the new Millennium     

The land itself was donated by local landowner, Barry Gibson (1925-2009) and money was raised from local

and central government as well as the residents of Orston to finance the

planting of trees and the building of paths and a footbridge.

General DescriptionEdit

The bridge links two existing footpaths to create a circular footpath around the village.

The Green is divided into a number of habitats, a mown utility area for sport and recreation, a flower meadow,

deciduous woodlands planted with native species and a wilderness area where the pond once was.


Other points of interest are the Major Oak clone and the willow tunnel.


The River Smite which runs along the eastern edge of the green is a rich habitat in itself with many varieties of fish including a number of large pike.

Millennium Feature Edit

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