National Tree Week is an event organised by The Tree Council at the end of November. Everyone is encouraged to plant trees at this time, both privately and communally. This event has been used to create a number of world record attempts, including the successful one in November 2000 for the largest number of trees planted in one country over three days.


The event had its roots in the Plant a Tree in '73 campaign and has been building up a reputation ever since.

The Tree CouncilEdit

The co-ordinator of the event is The Tree Council, who keep a register of events by county on their website. The council promote the event and collaborate with other organisations to involve as many people and as much tree planting as possible each year.


You can register a local event as part of the Week on-line with The Tree Council; They can send you free poster downloads too. The week is promoted through various media, often getting some commercial support, especially when they are arranging a Record attmpt.

Millennium GreensEdit

Although The Tree Council has never connected with Millennium Greens nationally, a number of Greens, such as New Southgate have had regular involvement with the event.

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