All Millennium Greens were each created to be run by a separate local Trust. They were each set up by the Countryside Agency with the original trustees signing up to a Declaration of Trust- a Trust Deed- based on a standard model document drawn up by the Agency and adapted, where necessary, to each Green.

The Trust Deed Edit

The Deed defines:

  • The Property- the area of land defined as a Millennium Green
  • The Locality- the local area the Green is intended to particularly serve. It specifies that the Inhabitants- defined as those living or working in the Locality, are the people it is particularly designed to serve.
  • The Objects- the purposes that the trust and its income are intended to be used for.
  • The Millennium Green Conditions- the special rules applied to the Trusts and the Greens as a condition of taking the award of grant by the Millennium Commission or the Countryside Agency.

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