Each Millennium Green had, at its creation, a Trust Deed, written by the Countryside Commission/Agency. Each deed was based on a standard document created by the Commission and adapted, where necessary to each Green.

The Deed defines:

  • The Property- the area of land defined as a Millennium Green
  • The Locality- the local area the Green is intended to particularly serve. It specifies that the Inhabitants- defined as those living or working in the Locality, are the people it is particularly designed to serve.
  • The Objects- the purposes that the trust and its income are intended to be used for.
  • The Millennium Green Conditions- the special rules applied to the Trusts and the Greens as a condition of taking the award of grant by the Millennium Commission or the Countryside Agency.

Amendment Edit

The Countryside Commission/Agency intended to create the Greens to last in perpetuity and the deeds were written with that in mind. They specify that the land shall not be sold unless it is replaced by suitable land and section 28- Amendment - contains a list of clauses with the deed which cannot be amended, to ensure the continuity of the purpose of the land, as defined by the Commission/Agency.

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