Mawdesley Millennium Green is in Mawdesley, Ormskirk, Lancashire.

To quote their Facebook Page:

  • "Mission

To provide fresh air and open space for people of the village

  • Description

Opened with great effort, excitement and celebrations in June 2000, the Millennium Green has been a major asset to the village ever since. Not only is it a place where everyone can enjoy rest, recreation and nature, it’s also become an attractive venue for many outdoor events and, all in all, has made a significant contribution to the community life of Mawdesley, for almost a decade. For more details on the Green’s facilities, fundraising events, development and management (solely by volunteers), please contact Rod Collins on 01704 822781"



History of the Green Edit

Opened in 2000.

Millennium Feature Edit

Other Features Edit

Nature & Wildlife Edit

Events Edit


£6,900 Grant from Big Lottery Fund in 2008.

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