Martley MG and St Peter's Church

A frosty view of the Green, a picnic bench and St. Peter's Church

Martley, originally recorded as St Peter's Meadow, is a meadow with a high water table, next to St Peter's Church in Martley, Worcester. Martley is a small country Green.


Next to St. Peter's Church, Martley, Worcester, WR6

History of the Green Edit

The Green originally had an almshouse on it.

Millennium FeatureEdit

Martley seat

Intricately carved wooden seat and Black Pear

An intricately carved wooden chair.

Other Features Edit

Facilities Edit

Picnic bench.

Nature & Wildlife Edit

A 200 year old Worcester Black Pear tree. "The pears are large and have the texture of cannon balls", but keep well into the new year and are best cooked long and slow.

Nearest Millennium Greens Edit

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