The "London Millennium Greens" have a loose association with each other founded on visiting each other . As of 2014, various Greens have met each other and sometimes helped each other in volunteering operations.

Meetings so farEdit

New Southgate has been to Albion Chadwell and Cricklewood. Cricklewood has been to New Southgate. Albion and New Southgate have been to Waterloo.

2014 London Meeting Edit

The first meeting of London Millennium Greens took place in March 2014 at Waterloo . Albion and New Southgate met at Waterloo to discuss the possibility of making an informal group of London Millennium Greens. We discussed the idea of all meeting up either in rotation around the London Greens, all meeting at Waterloo, or both. It was decided that we would aim to meet again at Waterloo for the time being as that is geographically the best place for us all to meet.

2015 MeetingsEdit

New Southgate visited Albion for a volunteer session in July.

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