A number of Millennium Greens have Geocaches on them. Geocaches are small hidden boxes of trinkets and information that Geocachers hunt for using listed coordinates and GPS devices. The geochaches are mostly created by geocachers themselves and are not neccesarily connected to the Trust of the Millennium Green.

Andrew Irvine of New Southgate Millennium Green proposes that if Geocachers are put in touch with the Millennium Greens that they wish to put geocaches on, it would be in our interest to welcome them, assist in their placement and perhaps keep an eye on them. This would connect us to the Geocache community, who sometimes find that the landowners are not supportive. He proposes that Greens with Geocaches should only be listed here if the Green has been informed, partly so the list doesn't get out of date as the Greens 'tidy them away', partly to encourage the link.

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