Food & Hygiene, whilst not an obvious part of running a Millennium Green, is nevertheless a consideration for training, planning and safety aspects of events etc.

Training Edit

If trusts intend to do more than offer flasks of tea and biscuits to their volunteers or the public, they may wish to consider getting somebody some kind of training. Whilst this may not be considered essential, various official bodies may offer grants for it, and volunteers may consider something like Level 1 Basic Food & Hygiene Certificate a handy asset. At less than £20, it has to be a possibility for larger catering operations.

Provision of Food and drink Edit

Most Millennium Greens offer something in the way of food and drink- typically a flask of tea and some biscuits on volunteer days and often a barbecue event for the public. What often happens is that teams take it for granted that someone will provide it all. Trusts might consider asking for some kind of commercial donations to prevent this fromm being too burdensome and to improve the profile of the Trust. There is a lot of difference between a local church providing a one-off barbecue and the same people being expected to commit to an annual event.

Advantages of offering food & drinkEdit

Most Greens are unable to offer expenses to their volunteers, which can put people off. However, if a smaller budget is available to offer at least the basic drink and biscuit, this helps not only giving volunteers the feeling they are getting a little something for their efforts, but also gives them a little sustenance and sugar boost to stay longer and do more. Some volunteers are inclined to overdo it in their work and want to keep going, when they could probably benefit from a break- encouraging people to sit and have a cup of tea gives us the chance to talk and evaluate a little before carrying on. Catering on a larger scale may involve more work, organisation and responsibility, but it may also give useful opportunities and experience to attract new volunteers.

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