Facilities are the features that visitors use in and around the Green. Ensuring that these are provided on or around the Green is neccesary before planning events or even just inviting people to the Green. Whilst it might be ideal to provide them on the Green, where this is not possible, Greens can find out what is available locally and perhaps gain advertising revenue by directing people to local facilities.

Toilets Edit

The first thing that comes to most people's mind when thinking of facilities, but perhaps the most difficult to provide. If Greens do not have them, they should find out the nearest available and get details of availability. For small events, such as a handful of volunteers, this may just mean talking to the neighbours, or to businesses such as local shops.


For larger, longer events it might be necessary to hire toilets and this should be planned and budgeted for.

Food & DrinkEdit

It is useful to find out what food and drink is available locally and consider an advertising deal if possible. For larger and longer events, catering should be planned and if the team cannot come up with suitable catering themselves, catering can be hired. Waterloo had their own food on site for some years, with mixed results. It provided an income of rent and brought visitors onto the Green, but also created social issues.

Barbecues & other food eventsEdit

Many Greens, such as New Southgate, have events based around food, such as barbecues. Safety should be considered, both in terms of hygiene and fire safety. Greens should particularly consider toilet facilities for food-based events.
Cooking Sausages 2013

Volunteers cooking sausages

Tables & BenchesEdit

When considering such things as picnics, Greens should remember that people may want tables to sit at, especially older people who do not want to sit on the ground.

Tree Table

Picnic Table around a cherry tree in New Southgate


Most, if not all Greens have some kind of seating, but some are better provided for than others. Ideally, Greens should have seats available in both sun and shade and should have them at regular intervals. Many Greens have seats specially made, some of which are special art and design features, such as New Southgate, Waterloo and Halton Village.
Butterfly seat HMG

Halton's stunning art piece, created by local chainsaw artist Gary Lacey.

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