The whole Easter Team 2014

Easter Event at New Southgate

Events are not an absolute requirement of running a Millennium Green, but since our Trust Deeds have in the list of Official Aims:

"Make a substantial contribution to the life of the whole community"


"Include an area suitable for community events and celebrations"

it seems obvious that Events should be considered. Furthermore, in order to maintain the community's interest in the Green, rather than let the Green become just any other greenspace, events are a good way of involving the public and attracting funds, volunteers, benefactors and trustees.

List of EventsEdit

The following is a crude list of events that have taken place on Millennium Greens in alphabetical order:

  • Art Events
  • Barbecue
  • Bonfires
    Cooking Sausages 2013

    Bonfire at New Southgate

  • Easter Events
  • Fairs
  • Fireworks
  • Guy Fawkes Night
  • Halloween Night
    IMG 2206

    Halloween at Halton

  • Jubilee celebrations
  • Lighting Beacons
  • Plant Sales
  • Planting Events
  • Sports
  • Summer Fairs
  • Tree Planting - National Tree Week?
  • Wassailing

Things to consider for eventsEdit

  • Insurance cover?
  • Licensing?
  • Is alcohol allowed?
  • Budgeting
  • What publicity beforehand?
  • Plan to take photos and make publicity afterward
  • Who will clear up?- possibly have one or more person who just comes towards the end to clear up instead of all tired people desperate to go home.
  • Rain?

Checklist of needsEdit

  • Tables
  • chairs
  • Cash float & box
  • Roof/Gazebo/Tent/Umbrellas/Plastic sheets
  • Stationary
  • Big labels for stalls

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