WVale Entrance

Westley Vale's Gates

Entrances and Gates form an important part of the design of Millennium Greens. They are a key part of the first impression that all visitors have of the Green; They strongly influance the visibility of the Green and may be part of the Green's security.

History Edit

The Countryside Commission recommended that all Greens should have some kind of significant entrance and as they approached local groups they had pictures of such things as wooden arches over entrances. However they did not make this a requirement of the grant.

Temporary SignageEdit

100 4212

New Southgate Millennium Green still have not replaced this temporary sign in 2013 and there are no gates on any of their seven entrances

They provided what they called "temporary" signage", with the Green's official name on it and various key sponsors; however, as of 2013 many Greens still have only these signs, next to plain gates or open entrances.

Millennium FeaturesEdit

As part of the Grant requirements, the Commission specified that all Greens should have a Feature created to present to the public at the official opening in 2000. A number of Greens chose to make fancy gates as their Feature.

Theft of GatesEdit

Some Greens have had metal gates stolen and all Greens are advised to ensure that their gates are secured so they cannot be easily lifted out and taken.

Millbrook Park

Millbrook's Gates

SAM 0565

Official Sign etc, but a plain, unnassuming gate at the quiet Chadwell

Luton Entrance

Luton's Entrance

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