The Millennium Greens all have potential for Education and Research, from educating the youngest children, to being part of research projects at any level. Greens need to outreach to their local communities in order to fundraise and recruit, one of the ways of doing that is to involve schools and colleges.

Education Edit

Greens can contact local schools and invite them to events they are already having, or create events for and with a school. Many Greens already do this- New Southgate being one of them. Nature is part of the curriculum and any Millennium Green could be a suitable venue for discovering nature.

Certificate of Volunteer TrainingEdit

New Southgate have their own scheme for training volunteers, which includes an element of education, training the student to understand what they are doing as they learn to garden the Green.


Millennium Greens can be sites for research and their teams and operations can also be used for researching social sciences. Albion is investigating the possibility of working with University College London on research projects.

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