Cricklewood is a 0.4 hectare urban Green in North-west London.

Cricklewood M Feature 2012

The Millennium Feature in 2012


Claremont Road NW2- first turn left from Cricklewood Lane (A407) travelling from Cricklewood Broadway or ten mins walk from Cricklewood Station.

History of the Green Edit

The Green was created on what used to be railway land with air raid shelters.

Millennium Feature Edit

A local community artist Alistair Lambert created the set of railway-inspired sculptures which are the Millennium Feature.

Other Features Edit

Lost Water FeatureEdit

The Green originally featured a pond, dug into the clay, laying the spoil around the pond to form a water catchment to supply the pond. At the creation the trust decided to make the pond conform to ROSPA reccomendations of safety, so they put a 1.2M fence around the pond area with a locked gate. The pond proved to be a hazard and a difficult to maintain feature on the Green, so after some years the trust decided to remove it.

Nature & Wildlife Edit

The trust have planted a lot of trees on the site, transforming it and creating a mixture of habitats. There is a labelled nature trail through the site.

Events Edit

Rolling Base Youth bus visitEdit

The Rolling Base youth bus visited the Green and had a big cleanup in 2008.

Fundraising & SponsorshipEdit

As of 2012, the Green has a private sponsor who pays for the grass to be cut.

Communication with other GreensEdit

This Green is in communication with New Southgate. Their trustees visit each other every few years.

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