CW Millennium Green

Looking up the hill

Chacewater Millennium Green is in the village of Chacewater outside Truro, Cornwall. The Green is quite small, around an acre, within the village and rather tucked out of sight behind the community centre. Most of the land is on a continuous slope upwards behind the centre, with a small levelled-out area near the top of the land. A path winds in from the entrance at the bottom, round the site and out at another entrance at the top.
No Dogs

The sign says NO DOGS!

Surprisingly, the Green has a NO DOGS policy, possibly the only Millennium Green to do so. The main area of the site is mown grassland, with trees planted around the edges and a pond in the corner. In 2013 it was decided to put in a small monument to commemorate a local Victoria Cross recipient.

History of the Green Edit

Chace text

Chasewater's opening in English and Cornish

Millennium Feature Edit

Chacewater Circle

Circle of Stones, with community centre in the background

A circle of low stones is placed in the middle of the Green, with a path all round and an empty central area.

Other Features Edit

Nature & Wildlife Edit

The grassland has the usual small wildflowers in it- bugle, buttercups etc. The pond is a reasonable size and the trees add habitats.

Facilities Edit

The Green is right next to a community centre, so there is access to shelter etc. when the centre is open. On the opposite side of the road is a free (donation) car park and a public toilet with good opening hours. The main road leads into the village after a short walk, where there are shops. There are a number of seats including both sun and shade.

Fundraising & SponsorshipEdit

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