Burneside is in Burneside, Kendal, Cumbria. The Green comprises a narrow strip of wooded land between a housing estate and a small river, which has otters. The Trust are leaseholders of the land, unusually, the landowner is not the local authority, but a housing association.



History of the Green Edit

The name Burneside comes from the de Burneshead family that occupied the Hall now known as Burneside Hall and has been occupied since the 1200's.

Millennium Feature Edit

Other Features Edit

Burneside Leaf seats

Leaf-shaped seats

A set of leaf-shaped metal seats are set in the grass.

Nature & Wildlife Edit

The Green has otters and the native white clawed crayfish.

Events Edit

Fundraising and FinanceEdit

The main funds to operate the Green are supplied by the Parish Council, who replaced a grant for grasscutting with the service of grasscutting to save the VAT and a local charity, The Anglers Inn Trust, whose contribution  pays for the Insurance and other ongoing expenses.  The general maintenance of the Green is done by volunteers. Therefore, Burneside does not usually do any fundraising.

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