Despite the Trust being Bellcote Meadow, this is the name on the Green.

Bellcote Millennium Green is in Shefford, Bedfordshire. It has a strong connection with the nearby Bellcote Meadow, forming a double community greenspace.

The green leads down to the floodplain of the River Ivel. It is heavily used by residents who value its easy accessibility and links to the local footpath network.


Purcell Way, Shefford SG17 5RY. Within easy reach of the carpark; at the end of Bury Road and Purcell Way.

History of the Green Edit

When a substantial housing development was completed, the town council vowed to dedicate the adjacent water meadow - one of its few green spaces left - to nature and recreational use.

Millennium Feature Edit

Other Features Edit

Nature & Wildlife Edit

The area contains three distinct habitats - water meadow, boggy ground and native woodland

Events Edit

Awards and RecognitionEdit

CPRE Silver award

Nearest Millennium Greens Edit

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