Animals are a very important part of all Millennium Greens, whether they are the wild animals living on the Green that people come to see, or our pets and livestock that we bring to the Greens, they are all part of the web of community and environment that is a Millennium Green. Many Greens keep lists of the animals they see, especially lists of birds; most Greens are the walking spaces for local dogs and a few have livestock grazing on the land and use it as a source of income.

Wild Animals Edit

Pets Edit

The obvious pets on almost all of our Greens are Dogs, but certainly cats often visit the Greens and people do bring other pets to visit, such as New Southgate bringing a rabbit for an Easter Event.


No Dogs


Almost all Millennium Greens allow dogs and most welcome them to exercise as an obvious purpose for the Greens. However, dogs do create problems, including conflict of dogs and owners and many Greens report dog poo as one of their most serious complaints.


Various rural Millennium Greens have livestock on the land, such as Rotherfield grazing cows. This is an important source of income and helps to connect the Greens to the local rural scene.

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